Disability Care

Do you need disability care in Fraser Coast? If so, we can help. At Home Caring we offer disability care Australia services to all individuals who might need extra help with everything from daily tasks to long term goals. Using our services, you can ensure that you have the best quality of life and never feel restricted in what you can accomplish. We have a full team of trained experts who are passionate, invigorated and eager to deliver a customised solution that meets the right support for your individual needs. Get in touch today and learn more about the in home care for disabled adults that we provide. 

How We Help

Our team at Home Caring is fully trained and qualified to provide everything from typical disability care to specialist requirements such as dementia care and much more. The full list of services we offer cover: 

The Best Disability Care Australia Can Provide 

There are countless conditions you might be experiencing where you could benefit from some form of disability support services in Fraser Coast. Since opening our doors, we have provided support for individuals with epilepsy, issues with mobility, cognitive conditions and much more. 

If you are worried whether our disability home care support is the right choice for you or will be able to match your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your condition and provide more information. 

If you are of a certain age and experiencing a disability, then you may be able to access disability care through NDIS packages. We are a fully qualified NDIS provider and can deliver these packages on any budget. Our mission here will always be to provide home care for disabled individuals that offers the best levels of value imaginable. This is possible through a solution that is entirely based on the clients needs. Instead of a cookie cutter solution, we’ll dig deep and find out what you need and more importantly, what you want from your disability care services. 

Who Do We Support?

We support individuals with a wide range of disabilities. That’s true whether you are experiencing a short term, long term, or temporary condition. Regardless of your situation, we want to ensure that you continue to gain the best quality of life imaginable. Some conditions require more support than others while certain individuals will be keen to maintain as much of their independence as possible. We’re completely accommodating to needs like this. The first step will always be to contact us for an initiation consultation. During that time, we’ll discuss everything that you are looking for and provide details on how we intend to surpass your expectations. 

The Support We Deliver

Our disability support services Fraser Coast residents can benefit from may take various forms including:

  • Daily support with basic tasks
  • Support socialising 
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Hygiene support
  • And much more 

As mentioned, this is far from a cookie cutter approach. We’ll deliver the support that best supports your needs and ensure that it never feels as if we’re stepping over boundaries or wasting your funding. 

Visiting Care Explained

A client who is experiencing a disability may not need or want full disability support services. They may find it easier to maintain their independence and that’s why we provide visiting care solutions. Visiting care means that you will still be able to access disability home care services in Fraser Coast. However, rather than someone staying with you permanently, our expert team members will visit you whenever necessary. This can be based on your specific schedule and your lifestyle. As such, you’ll never need to worry about it feeling too intrusive and we can always adjust it based on your ever-changing needs. 

Contact Us Today 

We hope this helps you understand the disability care options that we provide and how they could benefit you. Our main aim will be to ensure that every client can access the full support that they need, regardless of their condition or situation. If you are eager to learn more about the in home care for disabled adults available from our team at Home Caring, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will be happy to provide more information or arrange an initial consultation so that we can discuss all the options with you. 

Contact Our Friendly Home Care Team To Find Out More.


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