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Aging can be a difficult process. It’s possible that as you get older, you struggle to live your life independently. You might need additional support for basic tasks as well as daily challenges. Particularly, if you want to maintain your quality of life. We can help there. At Home Caring, we provide various home care packages in Fraser Coast that can be setup and designed around your specific needs. 

Home Care Packages We Deliver  

Home Care packages refer to the different care structures that are available which will ensure that you or a loved one receives the right level of care in the comfort of their home. They are intended to guarantee that you can always gain the help you need and never feel as though you are being left in a situation that is too dangerous or difficult for you to handle. 

As home care package providers, we can deliver services in a variety of forms depending on the individual. This could include everything from getting up in the morning to help with preparing meals or leaving the home. 

Our focus is always on ensuring that clients can take more control of their life and reach any objectives or goals that they choose to set for themselves. We never want you to feel overwhelmed or helpless when living your life. 

More About Our Home Care Packages

We provide my aged home care packages as well as more typical home care packages in Fraser Coast covering options such as: 

How To Get Started 

There are lots of different home care package providers Fraser Coast residents can choose from. As such, it can be difficult to make the right decision. If you are worried about this, then we recommend that you do let us provide the care and support that you need. You may already be getting aged care home care packages from another provider that is not delivering the quality solution you need. We will make sure switching to our service is stress free, simple and fast. 

Home Care Packages Cost Explained 

The cost of home care packages in Fraser Coast will depend on a variety of factors. Regardless of the level of support that you need, we aim to provide the solution that delivers excellent value to each and every client. Our services are also available through government subsidies and funding which will always mean that the cost is far easier to handle overall. 

One key factor to be aware of is your income. Depending on how much you earn, you may need to cover the cost of an income tested care fee. Again, the details here can be confusing. We can provide the answers you need 

Overall, the total cost will be based on the level of care that you require. The levels are: 

  • Home care package level 1 
  • Home care package level 2 
  • Home care package level 3 
  • Home care package level 4 

A level one home care package will be suitable for those who have basic requirements. This might include general help and support through the day. A level two home care package will be more suited for those who need additional support at more times throughout the day. Level 3 home care package services are beneficial for those with more specific needs and a level 4 home care package is best for those with severe needs. Again, we can help you determine whether you require a level 4 aged care package upon an initial consultation. Irrespective of the option you choose or require, we will still work to preserve your independence and your happiness. 

Who Use Our Fraser Coast Home Care Packages

We strive to provide the best my aged care home care packages in Fraser Coast that will be suitable for the needs of any resident that requires additional support. All of our team members are highly trained, passionate and dedicated to providing a helping hand for each and every client we take on. 

As well as being suitable for individuals at home, our home care packages are also accessible to those in SDA accommodation.

If you are interested in learning more about the services available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. A friendly member of our team will be happy to tell you more about why we’re the best home care package providers for Fraser Coast residents.

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